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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our store. We have put together for you a powerful and flexible communications solution based on the latest technologies, which is designed to be easy to use, affordable, and at the same time, absolutely indispensable.

What used to just be your boring old telephone is now ready to be your friend in this digital age... The services offered by GCN which will allow you to chat with more clarity, from virtually anywhere in the world; it will do it at a very low cost. You will be able to talk, to have video chats with friends, family and customers anywhere in the world. You will have voicemail, intelligent call forwarding, and even your own automated attendant to help you use communications to make life easier, better and... richer

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Our GCN Products:

Mobile Services - We have a number of products which bring the power and price advantages of our GCN Services to our mobile customers. Our comprehensive services are targeted at all Mobile users... Traditional Cell phone users, Smartphone users, Wi-Fi customers using a myriad of alternative devices, and the Global Traveler. Our GCN Service has a special value to travelers as it can in many cases allow them to be in touch with friends, family and business colleagues whom they might not be able to reach, and it can save enormously over the cost of communicating via traditional methods while traveling. Our services are extensive, and addictive. Our users make use of private conference rooms, our VoiceBlog instant voice messaging service when traveling and while at home... our quality, rich features and universal availability quickly define our service as the preferred standard. Our customers have a strong tendency to refer the service to friends and family to share the savings and great experience

DialAccess Mobile VoIP
This is our simplest plan to use, as it requires no hardware, and no special software. You get your own dedicated access number which you can call from any phone to access free in-network calling, low cost long distance , plus voicemail and Fax services via email, and access to optional value-added services like conferencing and our VoiceBlog Service.
MobileVoIP Services
This is a mobile service for power users who have Apple or Android smartphones or tablets. Take the great services and call clarity of our Unified Communications Services with you. Install a SIP Client on your smart phone and save on Long Distance Calling. Free Global calls in network, access to Conferencing, Voiceblog, and our other advanced services.
All of our packages allow you to be a guest on one of our conferencing channels. As an optional service we can provide a basic conference room for up to 6 participants, or an expanded conferencing service allowing up to 250 participants. Conferencing is accessible from anywhere on our network, or from available dial-in numbers worldwide.
If you are one of those stream-of-consciousness communicators. If you frequently get a brilliant Idea at a really inconvenient time, or if you are constantly on-the-go, then VoiceBlog could be a great tool for you. Quite simply, VoiceBlog allows you to send out an instant Voice Message to one or more groups of subscribers. Whether it is your Sales Team, your "Downline" or your golf buddies, you can blast out instant Voice Messages from anywhere with no special hardware, and they will get your message instantly, as an attachment to an email. Convey your enthusiasm, share the inspiration. We offer a basic version of the service to reach a group of up to 125 subscribers, or an expanded service capable of reaching 10,000 recipients or more.

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